New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Henry was born and raised in the City of Fort Pierce, Florida at Lawnwood Hospital on January 17th, to Henry Duhart and Miriam Robinson. His parents have been dedicated and loyal members of this community for as long as he can remember. His father works for the city and his mother serves as a caregiver for young people with disabilities and mental health illnesses. He comes from a home where caring for others and loyalty were instilled in him at an early age not only because they are important but because they are at the forefront of who his parents are. He is the product of our village of community members and educators. You all taught him to go after his dreams, and now he dreams of improving the quality of life for all of our county and those who made him who he is today.


Henry is a proud graduate of Fort Pierce Westwood High School. While there he developed a love for music. He participated in The Fort Pierce Westwood High School Chorus, Avenue D Boys Choir, and All State Concert Chorale. He has had the pleasure of experiencing his passion for music all over the county and even in others. He was blessed to see portions of the country like Detroit, Chicago, and portions of the world like Paris, and Italy. Music has given him experiences he otherwise wouldn’t have imagined possible, however the biggest credit he gives to music is helping him find his second passion in life. The Avenue D Boys choir that he participated in always did community service and outreach and it was there that he became more invested in how our community was being served by its local government and local leadership.


After returning home from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, in Tallahassee, he truly had a passion to get in on the ground floor and impact the quality of life for the community. He has had the opportunity to serve as the Vice Chairman of Florida Young Democrats, the Vice Chairman of the local Democratic Executive Committee, and as a member of Ft. Pierce Police Advisory Committee. He is not new to the wants and needs of this community. He’s running for County Commissioner because he wants to represent those who feel left behind in the evolution of Saint Lucie County. He’s running for those who wish to see a county commissioner who is about innovation, someone who will elevate and build up a community that is stronger as a whole. He envisions a county where everyone has the chance to develop and prosper like their fellow neighbor and not be stifled by the gatekeepers who have historically been corrupted by greed.


St. Lucie County deserves a torch-bearer to uphold a true reflection of our current needs as a community. He is running to be that torch-bearer on behalf of the many people in this county who are ready for real, constructive change.


Let us change together



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